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About International Women’s Day…

Yesterday was International Women's Day. Honestly? I felt reeeeeeally weird and conflicted. On the one hand, yes! Everyone is really excited about female anger right now, and it's a righteously beautiful thing. #TimesUp is bringing women's issues in Hollywood to the forefront, which is followed closely by women's issues in other industries. Not all fads… Continue reading About International Women’s Day…

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“Six more weeks of hibernation” is over.

So uh, remember that time I made a bunch of goals for February? Yeah. That didn't go so well. I planked occasionally, we recorded one podcast episode, I wrote one short story... and that's about it. Hardly any other progress was made. SO. March goals, yeah! We need need need to get unpacked. I seriously want to… Continue reading “Six more weeks of hibernation” is over.

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Queer Eye for the… Lazier Queer Not-Guy

When I heard that Queer Eye was being rebooted on Netflix, I won't lie, it elicited a massive eyeroll. The idea that gay men are fashionable and straight men are aesthetically clueless is annoying at best, and I had no plans whatsoever to engage with it. But Shila kept hearing really positive things and convinced… Continue reading Queer Eye for the… Lazier Queer Not-Guy