Greetings, imaginary friends!

Introductions are just the worst. They’re seriously so awkward, but let’s face it, they’re kinda super crucial. So here I am! A grown ass woman, doing her best impression of a human adult.

Hi! My name is Ryn, and I wear a lot of hats. I could fill a whole room with all of the figurative hats I wear on a daily basis, or at the very least a few hypothetical coat racks.

Here’s a list of what some of my hats would say if they were real and not a convoluted mess of a metaphor:

  • Beware the Bipolar Vortex
  • Make America Femme Again
  • Puts the Pan in Pansexual
  • unpaid novelist
  • poly pocket
  • call center cyborg
  • recovering nail biter
  • never crochet the gay away
  • Dick Flicks Podcast co-host
  • college dropout
  • 24, Awkward, And Thriving(?)
  • hoosier who
  • feminist warlord
  • cat collector
  • nonsensical list maker
  • seriously, she can’t stop
  • what was the point of this again?
  • clearly doesn’t understand the limited space on a hat

One year ago, I wore my favorite hat of all… my pussy hat*. Shila (my fiancee and co-writer of this blog) and I drove to D.C., marched among millions of women around the world, then turned around and drove home to Indiana. It was a powerful day in the midst of a discouraging year. I hope today is the inverse.

p hatIMG_7565.JPG

* I recently read the perspective that pussy hats are felt by some women/non binary people to be racist and transphobic. I truly apologize. I won’t try to explain my experience, I just want to be clear that I care more than anything that I keep learning and growing to be as intersectional in my feminism as possible. I know that as a white cis-gendered woman, it is a sign of my deep privilege that I didn’t realize this in 2017. These photos matter a lot to me, but they are problematic, and I am so sorry to have behaved in a way that made others feel excluded, especially since they are the most mistreated and overlooked. I was marching for you, and I always will be.

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