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Turning over a new leaf…

IMG_6003.JPGJanuary is a super inspiring time to step back and evaluate your lifestyle. Whether you set new years resolutions or not, it’s hard not to glance back at the year that just ended. You’re either thinking, “2017 was a dumpster fire. How do I extinguish it and have better luck in 2018?” or “Hot damn, I killed it last year! I need to keep living hard, let’s make this year even better!”

For those of you in the latter camp, congrats. I can’t relate.

For us, 2018 needs to be a massive overhaul of the habits that make up our lives, because we did NOT end 2017 in a great place.

  1. We’re in debt. A lot of it. It’s bad, to the point where we literally do not have a choice. Every single financial habit we have needs to change.
  2. We wake up late constantly. I doubt there was a single work day in 2017 where we didn’t scramble to be on time. But now we are down to one car, and we can’t keep starting every single day on the wrong foot. It’s sheer chaos.
  3. Our physical health is, frankly, a bummer. We eat tons of fast food and don’t exercise. We both feel terrible, in both a bloated/lethargic way and a self esteem way.
  4. We’re both creators at heart, but we had a very uninspiring year in 2017. Full refund, please.

You might not believe in resolutions, but I am *resolved*, baby! My jaw is set. Change is a-coming, one day at a time.

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