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Let’s stop hibernating, maybe?

IMG_7665.JPGThe last day of January came and went, and I can’t deny it… I accomplished approximately 0.3% of the goals I had for the month.

Out of my endless list of ambitions, I managed to bring my lunch to work everyday and get a repairman to come hook up our laundry machines. That’s pretty much it.

But I refuse to be discouraged! I’m declaring February the month of winners. So for the sake of accountability, I’ve decided to share some of the things I’d like to make happen in February.

  • All of the boxes inside our house need to get unpacked. We’ve lived here a month. It’s time to get serious about nesting.
  • The boxes in the garage need to gradually be moved inside and immediately unpacked.
  • My clothes need to all get cleaned, organized, and put away.
  • My tax refund needs to go to paying off debt, so I can start putting money into savings each month (and put a ring on it).
  • I want to do a Plank Challenge. Eventually I want to start actually exercising regularly, but let’s be real, ain’t nobody got time for that this month.
  • Meal prep!!! would be so so helpful.
  • I need to actually start writing every single day. Even when it’s terrible.
  • What happened to our podcast? Oh yeah… Jenna and I are the worst procrastinators in the world. Our hiatus has got to end.

Alright, that’s definitely all that I can handle… actually probably more than I can handle. Aim high, right? – Ryn

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