Happy Galentine’s Day!

IMG_3549I’m going to use this Leslie Knope holiday to introduce my ride or die, the other half of my package deal, fellow mother to my cat children… Jenna Bradley.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m poly and view relationships differently or what, but my best friend isn’t just my best friend. She’s my platonic life partner. I thought I would live with her my whole life, and even though it didn’t work out that way, Shila knew when we got together that it was a distinct possibility.

Jenna is a stand up comedian. She and I currently collaborate on a podcast called Dick Flicks, where we watch dudes’ favorite movies and make fun of them. She’s basically the funnier, smarter, cooler version of me.

I wanted to introduce my beautiful tropical fish because she is a massive figure in my life. Jenna and Shila share equal significance in my heart, though the love I feel for them takes different shape. Jenna didn’t come into my life until I was 20, but she has been a daily fixture since we first hung out. Almost all of my adult memories involve her, and I plan to keep it that way!

– Ryn



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