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Queer Eye for the… Lazier Queer Not-Guy

When I heard that Queer Eye was being rebooted on Netflix, I won’t lie, it elicited a massive eyeroll. The idea that gay men are fashionable and straight men are aesthetically clueless is annoying at best, and I had no plans whatsoever to engage with it.

But Shila kept hearing really positive things and convinced me to try it out. And let me tell you, at the end of every single episode, I positively *bawled*.

It’s so inspiring! So lovely! So compassionate! The applicants they picked to work their magic on were all very intentional to illicit important questions about societal views, and I think it was all handled with great care. This show is delightful, and I sincerely hope they do another season.

After watching a few episodes, I really started to feel more hopeful about my own life. I’ve been struggling with my confidence lately, but I feel more motivated to work with what I’ve got and put a little more effort into my appearance. (Basically, I’ve stopped wearing sweatpants to work, and because I’m no longer wearing basically pajamas 24/7, I feel compelled to actually wash my hair more.)

I would looooove for Queer Eye’s next season to have a lesbian Fab Five working with women, or even for the male F5 to help a trans or nonbinary candidate looking for the confidence to present more masculine. I’m ready to get teary-eyed just thinking about it. ❤

– Ryn

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