goals, ryn

“Six more weeks of hibernation” is over.

So uh, remember that time I made a bunch of goals for February?

Yeah. That didn’t go so well.

I planked occasionally, we recorded one podcast episode, I wrote one short story… and that’s about it. Hardly any other progress was made.

SO. March goals, yeah!

  • We need need need to get unpacked. I seriously want to make the potential of our home into a reality.
  • Planking Challenge, take two!
  • I need to figure out a way to feel less insecure about my appearance right now. I feel like a dumpster fire, and I know that is all perception. It’s my depression talking. I need to get my confidence back.
  • This month should be really inspiring, writing-wise. I just need to get to it.
  • Pay. Down. Debt. For realsies.

I’m feeling… slightly more optimistic???? Yeah, I know, I’m not convincing myself either.


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