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hello from the other side

So uh… how about that April, eh?

Yeah, I got away from this a bit. And everything else. April was a pretty empty month for me.

I was too depressed to worry myself over creating blog content, or my podcast, or really anything else. All I did was watch HGTV, read a bunch of Agatha Christie novels, and bake sweet potato brownies. And honestly? It was time well spent.

But here we are! In May, feeling recharged!

Here are some goals for May:

  • talk about Shila’s floral business and our two new foster kittens
  • stop biting my nails entirely
  • clean the house and ready it for small scale renovations
  • write a short story for a submission
  • eat at least one serving of vegetables at every meal
  • actually interact with my friends

I’m entering Mania Season, so fingers crossed that I actually get some shit done!


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