Ryn and Shila


Kathryn Burns is a bipolar, polyamorous, pansexual, cat-collecting novelist, feminist warlord, and wannabe programmer who uses entirely too many descriptors in the hopes that you’ll think she’s too busy and interesting to take two naps a day. When awake, she’ll probably tell you your taste in movies is wrong on her podcast Dick Flicks. Loudly. If you see a dog who needs pets, let her know at @shesarynegade on insta or her tumblr, youfuckingegg. You can find her novel, Elsewhere, on Amazon.

Shila Vaught is pansexual, polyamorous, and full of anxiety— your average 30-year-old who still can’t believe she’s an adult and beats herself up all the time for not having it all figured out. She’s very creative (when she can get herself out of bed), loves to travel (when she can afford it), and would prefer to spend most of her time smushing her face into a kitten’s fur. For more glimpses into her life, check her out @shila_vaught on Insta or @femme-aestheticism on tumblr.


They’re partners in love, life, and now this blog!