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Sometimes things go disastrously off course. Other times, things don't go anywhere at all. The last few months have been very blah. Not bad necessarily, but very stilted. I feel like I hit the pause button on my life, and I don't quite know how to hit play again. Even the steps I've taken to… Continue reading Oops.

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About International Women’s Day…

Yesterday was International Women's Day. Honestly? I felt reeeeeeally weird and conflicted. On the one hand, yes! Everyone is really excited about female anger right now, and it's a righteously beautiful thing. #TimesUp is bringing women's issues in Hollywood to the forefront, which is followed closely by women's issues in other industries. Not all fads… Continue reading About International Women’s Day…

goals, ryn

“Six more weeks of hibernation” is over.

So uh, remember that time I made a bunch of goals for February? Yeah. That didn't go so well. I planked occasionally, we recorded one podcast episode, I wrote one short story... and that's about it. Hardly any other progress was made. SO. March goals, yeah! We need need need to get unpacked. I seriously want to… Continue reading “Six more weeks of hibernation” is over.